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If you feel sex is a reward for your man or if you feel he should know whats going on in that crazy mind of yours without solid communication, youre only destroying what uou once had. Sex isnt about getting off, its about joining as one, its a gift indeed, and to starve someone emotionally is just as brutal as doing so with basic living necessities. The problem with sexual withholding in a marriage has far less to do with actually having or not having sex and much more to do with misunderstanding. You may feel that having sex with your spouse is like throwing up the white flag on an issue that isnt resolved yet, or just isnt inline with how you feel. However, the withholding shouldnt be your answer just like the having sex shouldnt be theirs. How women hurt themselves by withholding sex feminine power can inspire true masculine love, and no one wants to be cut off from that. His sexual refusal, however, will usually be hidden under the guise of a transparent excuse hes sleepy, sick, preoccupied with work. Withholding love or sex is psychological abuse and results from early trauma. Withholding is altogether different from not having sex or not reciprocating love. However, it is precisely when you start to expect sex from your girlfriend that she starts using that presumption against you. Some women make a habit of withholding sex from their partners, while. Historically men crave sex and feel entitled to it, while women crave trust, safety, and intimacy. That said, i question whether your wife is really withholding sex to punish you though undoubtedly it feels that way to you. If you stop having sex with your spouse, is he or she justified in having an affair? Is the denial of sex just as much as a betrayal as infidelity? While there are all sorts of discussions about marital sex or lack of sex, philosophy professor mark d. White says, we rarely, if ever, talk about the ethics of a spouse refusing to have sex with the other for years.

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