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Swinger wife androgynous

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They are many different factors that can contribute to a decreased interest in sex. So while you may assume that your partner is having an affair, is gay, or has simply lost interest in you, you need to be open to all possibilities. Although no hormone or drug has been approved by the fda to treat sexual problems in women,.   dear deidre my wife has no interest in sex but we come from religious families so i did not find this out until after we married. Somehow she gave me a daughter to love but we havent had sex. She takes such good care of me people look at me in disbelief when i tell them how good she is to me. She has absolutely zero interest in sex no matter what ive done. I have gone so long that i have no interest in sex with her even if she suddenly became interested. I told her i want to improve our sex life but she says sex is the last thing on her mind. For the past eight years it has been like i am married to my sister. My wife has no desire for sex and will not take hormones because they could cause.   we have sex roughly once a month, have probably never gone more than 2 months without, and occasionally manage 2-3 times in a month. We both almost always reach orgasm, and i personally find sex consistently satisfying. My libido is quite low, but has never been not low, not even in past relationships or on my own.

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