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Who wants to fuck my wife

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who wants to fuck my wife

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One more reason a wife doesnt want to have sex is if shes depressed. My wife was diagnosed with clinical depression almost 10 years ago. The psychiatrist told me that she had a big, deep depression and, most likely, she will not recover from this state. A wife may have a stronger sex drive than the husband or the other way around. Dozens of factors add to the mismatch, including daily demands,. He doesnt hold a grudge or make up a theory that she is cheating on him. He doesnt view sex as a right or an expectation he deserves when he wants it.   my wife doesnt enjoy sex? She doesnt enjoy it at all, she tries to pretend she is, but it is obvious she does not. Weve tried speaking about it, but she says really everything is great. She will have sex whenever i want too, we try a lot of foreplay etc. Im not surprised to read about how many people are having the same problems that i have with my spouse, i just wish there is a more clear cut answer to the issue, we have been married for a year and a half and my wife doesnt want sex(at least not with me)there is very little touch and the sex is always started by me, it makes me feel like she doesnt want me at all,when i ask her about. The more you can get inside the head of your wife, the better your sex life is going to be. For starters, here are some of the key reasons why she doesnt want sex (for now!) 1. I love my hot ass wife but i guess i just dont bring that out of her anymore it really sucks, we have 2 kids together and would hate to lose my family. If i leave at least i can have regular sex with a new girl until she too becomes tired of my sex for whatever reason.   im a very sexual human being, and my wife isnt, says tom. For the past eight years it has been like i am married to my sister. I have an extremely active sex drive, but my wife doesnt seem to ever want to be sexual in any way with me. If im lucky she acts like shes doing me a favor once a month but i feel terrible the whole time because i know she doesnt want to be doing it.

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