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Swinger casting tessa wife and

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swinger casting tessa wife and

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My wife is not a fan of the idea of being tied up, but i took a long scarf and wrapped it around the bed frame and then around her palms and told her she wasnt allowed to let go. It went over great, but my wife retained the control she needed while willingly binding herself with her grip. There are plenty of harmless reasons why you would want to tie someone up maybe its for a play, or maybe youre pulling a prank on your best friend for his bachelor party or even having some intimate fun with your. 3) bed tie-up a rather effective position to tie someone up in is the bed tie up. As you might have guessed, this is when you tie the victims arms and legs separately, each to a bed post.   to tie someone else in this position, have them lie flat on their back. If you are using handcuffs, cuff their hands first, then cuff them to the bed. But if you are using rope, tie the rope to the bed posts first. My wife once caught me in her panties and bra ,so she told my best friend ,and i denied it ,then one night my wife said let me tie you to the post of the bed and play with your little cock ,it sounded good to me ,untill once she had my hands tied ,she then put her red lace panties on me and matching red lace bra ,garter belt and fish net stockings ,and then even took out a wig she had in the.

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