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Wife eating free a

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  guys, if you want more sex, you have to quit complaining and realize that things change.   this is especially true with complaints about sex itself a sure fire way to make your wife not in the mood is to complain about lack of sex, criticize the sex you do have, or trying to make her feel guilty for her part of your sexual relationship. Even passive aggressive comments (including those made unintentionally) can hurt your connection.   if youre a married man who has a home, a job, a kid or two, and a wife who also works, it is likely because stress is wearing you both out and pulling you apart. You, your wife, or both of you may feel that youre so overwhelmed and exhausted that the last thing you want at the end of the day is sex.   if your woman avoids sexual connection because she is not in the mood for making love, watch this video.   second, lighten your wifes load before you approach her about sex. Many women work full time, raise children, and take care of most of the household chores. The more you can help your wife (not only when you want sex), the less tired she will be and your help will make her feel loved.   to improve your sex skills you dont need to be a master with your tongue - although that never hurts - nor do you need to remove all the sexual positions and deeds that only lead to your pleasure. Instead turn the focus in on you and consider what you can do to make yourself a more desirable sexual partner.

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