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Amateur wife shared in double

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Instead of wearing wedding bands on their left hands, gay and lesbian couples often choose to wear rings on their right hands instead. Within gay and lesbian communities, the right-handed ring is an instantly recognizable marker of a monogamous relationship, and even marriage within the states that have legalized it. In the early aughts and prior to the legalization of same-sex marriage, we saw examples of lesbian and gay couples using a wide variety of options for their engagement and wedding rings. Some chose to use the ring finger (next to the pinky) on the right hand for the engagement andor wedding ring because of its resonance with, but difference from, the traditional heterosexual symbolism. Wearing your wedding ring on your left ring finger stems from an old belief that it contained a vein that connected to the heart, an edict that englands king edward vi made official during the 16th century. But there are people today who choose to wear it on their right hand. Nowadays, when a person wears a ring on their right-hand ring finger, it means that he wants to dress up his appearance a bit and thats the only place his favorite ring fits. Besides, his only other alternative may have been the left-hand ring finger, which (as you know) is reserved for the wedding band. Many gay couples prefer to follow the same heterosexual marriage tradition of wearing wedding rings on the ring finger of their left hand. We have also had couples that want their wedding bands to show that their relationship is different and unique, by wearing their wedding rings on the ring finger of their right hand. A ring worn on the middle finger is often used in the lesbian and gay community to hint at their sexual orientation.

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